Artist Statement

“The cars are like silent units, you don’t talk to people… and there are great numbers of people moving on our street.” A neighbour, a translator by trade; an observer of his territory.

My practice investigates visible and invisible lines of communication that direct our movement through both real and virtual time and space. Within this framework I examine the gap between the physicality of travelling versus the armchair explorer; questioning the relationships between people in their relative locations that are bridged by so many communicative devices transporting our voice, thoughts and the idea of the metaphysical self over vast distances without having to worry about border lines distance and time. The desire to connect with others is forever driving us into new and inventive communicative methods that traverse the globe in a myriad of ways from satellite to underground cables.

My interests lie in the perceived notion of our mental and physical positioning in the world in relation to other people and places in an ever increasingly digitised world.

I am a Birmingham based artist whose practice involves conversation, teaching, listening, absorbing, observing and responding to the world as I see it using various methods from sound installation, video, sculpture and painting.